After four months of waiting (I was told it would be 8-10 weeks), my passport finally arrived in the mail today! Yeah! Thankfully, our social worker asked around a while back and figured out that she could finish up our homestudy without it (she will just add the passport info now that we have it) so it didn’t hold us up too much. What was really worrying me about the whole situation was that when I contacted the passport folks about it last week, they told me that my passport “couldn’t be found at the time.” My passport, along with my birth certificate, social security number, date and place of birth, and just about every other vital bit of information about me, short of my bank account #, had been “misplaced.” Yikes! I was supposed to hear back when/if it was located and, of course, I never did. Needless to say, I was quite relieved to see it when I got home this afternoon=) A bit of advice; if you think that you might be needing a passport in the forseeable (or even the not-so-forseeable!) future, stop everything and apply as soon as possible because it will take a while!


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