Waiting, Working, Sweating, and other Happenings

One month down, 11 to 14 left to go! I am trying to be patient, I really am! Maybe the ticker wasn’t such a good idea=) Honestly, the past month (five months if you count from the date we mailed off our application!) has gone by pretty fast. Even considering that I have been home for the summer with not a lot to do other than wait! I am back to school tomorrow for professional development, and the kids start the following Monday. It feels so good to be getting back into the groove of things. Did I mention that I have the greatest job ever? I am trying to make sure that my schedule is jam packed so that the time goes by a little faster. This fall in addition to teaching art, I will be volunteering with the Ozark Literacy Council (a way cool organization!) and hopefully working towards Arkansas ESOL certification through JBU. I might also begin working on painting the baby’s room now that we can see the floor in there. Yes, that’s right folks, we finally had our yardsale this Saturday, and we’re about $100 dollars closer to bringing home Miles. Not to bad considering that noone but us was dumb enough to be out in the heat. This past week has been the hottest by far this summer! Oh yes, in case I didn’t mention, I have the greatest husband ever as well. He is spending his afternoon in the 100+ degree attic attempting to figure out why our air conditioner isn’t cooling the 85+degree house. Personally, I think it feels pretty good (some might say I am a bit cold-natured=) Don’t know how long that will last as the mercury continues to rise, but for now I am gloating because, by default, I have won the battle for thermostat control. I’ll at least go make him a pitcher of iced tea!


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