Things to do while you wait

1. Become addicted to blogging=)
2. Read blogs by adoptive parents, adoptees, and birthparents. Being able to listen to and attempting to understand different perspectives makes us better people and better parents.
3. Pray. For the baby, for the birth family, and for our family-to-be. And for every child that is without a family’s love.
4. Make things for the baby….

…and try them out on your cat!
5. Make more things for the baby. (It’s an Art Teacher thing. Probably in our blood…) Here is a close-up of the blanket I am making for Miles:
6. Volunteer.
7. Pick blackberries and make homeade jam. Then vow to never use Cutter Advanced bug spray while blackberry picking again. Absolutely worthless against chiggers! Next time, give me the DEET!
8. Do some fund-raising… homemade blackberry jam anyone?
9. Learn from really good moms and dads–they have gone before us in this crazy thing called parenthood!

10. Go to the library and check out every book on Vietnamese culture, history, arts, cooking, etc… sadly this didn’t take very long at my local library=(

11. Get involved with your local Vietnamese community.

12. Find out what you can do to help families and children in your child’s birth country.
13. Try your hand at Vietnamese cuisine…and be thankful that your husband is a good sport!
14. Go yardsaling for baby stuff.
15. Spend lots of time spoiling your neices and nephews… Here’s Bob at the zoo:
16. Finish a project or two that you have been meaning to get to for a while now.
17. Go mountain biking… it won’t be so easy once the baby’s here!
18. Spend a little extra one-on-one time with your husband…this too will be more difficult with the baby!
19. Research adoptive breastfeeding (yes, it can be done!)
20. Really talk to your significant other about the imporatant issues surrounding international adoption. Prepare yourself for questions/situations that may arise.
21. Read alot. About adoption and the social issues that make it necessary, parenting, transracial adoption, Vietnam, culture, identity, family, grief and loss, attachment…
22. Educate your family and friends in what you have learned and help them become prepared to welcome the newest member to the family.
23. Dream about the day you will hold your sweet child in your arms for the first time.
24. Take a road trip to Virginia in a two-seater convertible and listen to nothing but Vietnamese language CDs the entire way.
Here is Stephen in the Miata. A 2500 mile trip and no breakdowns–not bad for a 15 year old car. (For those who don’t know the story, our last road trip didn’t turn out so well. We ended up leaving a car in Kansas!)
25. Don’t forget to look at the map. Getting lost in backwoods Virginia after sitting in a car for 20 hours can make even the most cheerful travelers a bit grumpy.
26. Get the baby’s room ready for his arrival. Okay, we haven’t gotten very far here, but there are plans for a mural in the works.
27. Have a yardsale so you can get into the baby’s room.
28. Check your email every 5 minutes just in case there is an update from the agency.
29. Sit and twidle your thumbs, then check your email again.
30. Start a life book for your child.
31. Get a new camera so that you can best capture all those special moments together.
32. Create a list of “things to do while you wait” to help pass the time.


2 thoughts on “Things to do while you wait

  1. Homemade blackberry jam? Yum. How much? How do you pack it to send? How does it stand up being sent in the heat??? How do I keep it away from my husband the diabetic? (oh, I guess that’s not really your problem)

    ~ the blogger also known as JustEnjoyHim

  2. Judy,
    Good news for your husband! Since my father, gradmother, and both grandfathers are all diabetic and I like to share with them, all of the jam I make is low-sugar (I use pectin that is made for low sugar jam and about 1/3 the sugar of traditional recipes). Plus I really like the tangy blackberry taste! I just started making the jam the last couple of weeks as the berries have ripened and selling it locally to friends and family for $4 a jar, so I actually haven’t had to ship any yet. I would be happy to arrange to ship some though if you are interested-probably in a flat rate box? I would have to see what is the cheapest. Let me know if you are interested!

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